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CEE/ENMGT 5200: Economics of the Energy Transition

Fall 2020, Fall 2021

In response to the risks posed by global climate change, many states and countries have set emissions reductions goals necessitating a rapid transition toward zero-carbon energy resources. Achieving these goals entails unprecedented investment in civil infrastructure systems combined with large-scale consumer and industry adoption of clean energy solutions. This course will explore the economic challenges and opportunities associated with this transition, with an emphasis on the electric power sector. The course is broken into two halves. The first focuses on the economic viability of individual projects. The second develops system level models and considers interactions between competing energy sources.


BEE/CEE 4880/6880: Applied Modeling and Simulation for Renewable Energy Systems

Spring 2021

This course will provide an applied introduction to modeling, simulation and optimization techniques for various renewable energy systems. The course will be modular in nature. Each module will focus on a particular renewable energy application and relevant modeling/simulation tools. Some modules are independent and some will build on previous modules. The instructional format of the course will include lectures, scientific paper reviews, and some Matlab programming. Students will have an opportunity to apply new techniques to a relevant modeling project. The course will culminate with a modeling project relevant to renewable energy. Undergraduates will work in teams of 2-3 students to complete the term project.